Hi there, I'm Patrick

I'm currently a UX Manager at Shopify, leading a multi-disciplinary UX team working on features for Shopify's Retail POS platform. Before Shopify, I built the design system for Garmin Connect and lead a large team of content and UX designers for multiple app teams at Garmin. Prior to Garmin, I managed the visual design team for Sprint.com. I'm also a husband, and step-father to two amazing kiddos and one high anxiety, no-listen piggie (Australian Cattle Dog) named Ellie.

Work samples

Please drop me a line and I'd be glad to provide access to key work samples.

Patrick's headshot for 2021, gazing at the H1 tag to the left on desktop and off into the great unknown off the left side of your device in mobile.Personal logo for Patrick Banta


Shopify · remote

UX Manager - Jan 2022-Present


Product Design Manager - UX · 2019-2022

Managing Team Lead for Garmin's Device Interaction segment for Content Strategy, Design Systems, Garmin Golf, Garmin Dive, Garmin Junior and Connect IQ.


Lead UX Designer - Design Systems · 2018-2019

Design system architect serving 5 mobile applications and a web application.

Sprint · overland park, KANSAS

Manager - Visual Design/UI · 2017-2018

Creative director managing 8 in-house designers as well as creative teams from partnering agencies during digital transformation efforts. Creator of Sprint's design system.

Sprint · overland park, KANSAS

Supervisor - Visual Design/UI · 2012-2017

In-house creative lead managing 11 designers nationally distributed, serving Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Wireless and Assurance Wireless.

Interested in more detail about my current and past roles?


2020 Garmin Hackathon – 3rd Place, Best in Show

  • Metric conversions and new activities in Garmin Connect to support customers bound to wheelchairs

2019 Garmin Hackathon – 3rd Place, Best in Show

  • Machine learning to identify, capture, and visualize apnea events during sleep

2017 Sprint Transformation Hero

  • CEO award for sales funnel conversion KPI's

2016 Sprint Circle of Excellence

  • Top .5% in the company. Digital transformation efforts

2014 Sprint Circle of Excellence

  • Top .5% in the company. Creative leadership internal and external to Sprint

Things I like

Formula 1 racing, my Peloton (lets ride! @CommonProject), investment markets, watching The Office on repeat for the 153rd time, wearing a mask during the pandemic, trying to be a beacon of positivity on Twitter.

Recent reading

Empire of the Summer Moon, S.C. Gwynne
Three Body Problem, Liu Cixin
Klara and the Sun, Kazuo Ishiguro
Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir

Kind words from past colleagues

Patrick sets a high bar for what design leadership means. He was an irreplaceable leader in elevating design at Garmin through defining and crafting design systems. Dependable, approachable, humble, resourceful, insightful and supportive, Patrick was by far the best manager I've had in my career. As one of the best creative minds I had the privilege of reporting to, he guided and lead me to become a mature designer.
An outstanding design professional, Patrick is eloquent, thoughtful, and savvy to whatever context he’s in. He knew more technical details than most analysts, more about the business than many in that realm and above all that, cared well for the folks on his team. These strengths made him a unique leader who could both present well to the highest executives and support his team in creating good work.
Finding the right creative mind can be tough, finding a mix of creative and business acumen in someone is sometimes impossible. Patrick evokes both of these. He works outside of his traditional walls and dives deep into what the business is looking for in order to build the best work possible. A true customer first designer, he does everything he can to put the best experience in front of our customers.